Sometimes the floodgates of my soul start to crumble

Boundaries of being begin to breach

Colours all smudged beyond comprehension

Goalposts all pushed beyond reach

Cathartic screams merge with emptiness

Scaling unseen depths of nothingness


My broken spirit seeks to rest

Lays its head on nothingness’s chest

Softly humming voices I hear

Sputtering machines, a whisper of suction

A brand new me is under construction


And so I wait; and so I watch

Deep in the womb of the busy night

Little elves carve my soul anew

in a glowing spiritual light


Rejuvenated, I embark a fresh journey

Of rediscovery. reinvention. recreation

And marvel at the power of Recalibration

– Puja Bhakoo


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Puja Bhakoo

Author, creative writer, ad professional, poet & acclaimed tapestry artist Puja Bhakoo enjoys dipping her pen into every political, social, and spiritual pie.